Sat Sep 1, '12


testing this out for a bit... perhaps this could be the new idj homepage. suggestions?

Sat Sep 1, '12

sir EatMe

Noooooooo boss do not change the current homepage!


This just looks like the song browser / latest uploads page.


the difference with the front page is that you can now see all the latest reviews given and the full song graphics.

Sat Sep 1, '12


The homepage hasn't changed. The today page is what he changed.


It's cool. I didn't really look at it before you mentioned it. I have iDJ saved saved in my favorites on the "songs" page cause that's the one that's most comfortable for me. 

Sun Sep 2, '12


Yes, I'm glad you like the homepage, I really like it as well. i won't move the Today page from where it is.  I do like seeing everything that's going on in one place, hence my idea for creating the Today page.

Sun Sep 2, '12


I dig it. I dont like how you click on songs and it takes you too the same page that the "Today" page has. What happened to the page that has the Top 6 jams, facebook recent likes, and the most listened to jams on one page?


I think more pages like that would come in handy.. Even if it shows data from other pages. More info on one page would def help out noobies to maneuver through the site.

Mon Sep 3, '12


Looks good guys!

Mon Sep 3, '12


This site page has had many changes since I first navigated it. i think IMO it was a tad confusing during all the transitions but, now it less cluttered easier to navigate.

I know it isn't easy Mike but you adapted the site to the times. It really is well done.

Wed Sep 5, '12


Don't know if the 'today' page  is set in concrete. Just a sugestion.. I think AOTW should shine and not the track of the day - I think the guys that make it to the AOTW should get there moment in digital heaven.

Also could a latest discussion be bannered up like a scrolling breaking news - sometimes the forums get a little buried.

dude this is only in my opinion and obviously you have have to cater for the masses :)



Mon Oct 8, '12

Beat Assist

hey boss...sincerely the only thing i "dislike" in IDJ is the homepage....i seems it needs more color, "high tech" buttons...i mean something more attractive but still simple to use....i feel it could be better organized in diferent way of tabbling the no webmaster but when i open IDJ ...god...i see lots of empty space or everything together but messed up and be honest i cant realy give you an idea to make it better, but i believe a better set of tables and more color would be cool!

Besides this, is all perfect...when we enter in a profile, or other page of the site is all simple and very nicely organized, not confusing and good looking... despite of one thing...cammon man...when we do a review, we are not favoriting that song, i make reviews to my friends and randomly and even those who are my friends not always have a song that i can set has favorite, so why the hell when i make a review, it passes directly to my profile->favorites???!!!! 

Thats no cool!

The Playlist for those we like to hear often!

The Favorites for the Hits!


Stay In Boss!