Wed Aug 15, '12

Dj Transaction

Looking for a few people to chip down with me and rent out a venue for a weekend. we should have 4 guys chip in and we all do a 2 hour session each starting 8pm to 4am we rotate each hour so that the time slots will be different. We play our own best songs and songs that we think are tops. Would be hot but i can do this alone.

Thu Aug 16, '12


I'd be happy to put up a few bucks as a sponsor (on behalf of InternetDJ) if you get this going. I'm in NYC, but don't spin.

Sun Aug 19, '12

Dj Transaction

thanks but going to need a couple of people i dont think i can spin for 10 hours straight. also a venue would be pricey. i do know there are places around brighton beach boardwalk, them russin restraunts let u rent out for rave parties.