Wed Aug 15, '12


How many of you do it? I recently found that if I'm working on a track and it's missing something, I can usually find what it is if I sit back and let the track play, and just listen to it while watching where specifically I feel it needs something. 


Example: I was just listening to a production I'm working on, and I was letting it play and listening, while at the same time adding sounds in my head. Usually if I add something in my mind, that's what the track needs (to my taste). Then I can write down exactly what I want and where, so I can come back later and do it. I think this approach makes producing a little more efficient. Does anyone else do this, or have any ways of figuring out what youre track is missing?

Fri Aug 17, '12


I rarely open my daws with a specific melody/groove in mind. Usually its all on the fly and I go with the flow.

Once I get a soild groove sometimes I'll write out the progression of the track on some paper to help futher more construct a track. I agree it makes it much better to see your ideas out in front of you and proceed occordingly.

Most of the time I try to keep a idea for a track in my head...I forget about it 2-5 mins afterwards.

Pencil and Paper gets the yob done!

Tue Aug 21, '12

sir EatMe

I always write down what I compose on piano/keyboard. I have a big pile of paper with songs. But I do not write down everything I add to a song, my sequencing software Renoise is quite clear to use. When collaborating, I always write down the chord scheme.