Sun Aug 12, '12

Barry Jay


Thats all im asking for... Promise ill have your attention. A chance is what were all looking for. Thank you in advance to anyone who lends me their ears... Thank you ahead of time to anyone who takes the chance and gives me the half a minute I asked for. Much love!

Wed Aug 15, '12

Dj Transaction

cant post outside links here and also you can only post song review request through new song announcements. however i will take a listen now.

Thu Aug 16, '12

Aimee Davis

Nice music! as if I am in party when I listened to it.

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Thu Aug 16, '12

Barry Jay

Yuh, new to the site... Shoulda read a lil more about the posting rules. Got a lil excited, guess I jumped the gun!


Lemme know what you think :) If you see something I can improve on call me out