Tue Jun 19, '12


Been lookin for some new music to get into so what/who's everybody been listening to lately?



I personally have been listening to lost and lost of Nu Disco.

Amtrac, TKAT, Mix Choppin, Ducksauce, Viceroy, MAM, Kraak and Smaak and ofcourse a little Daft Punk.


And I've been listening to alot of Hardcore Electro...

Neus, Belzebass, Knife Party, Electrixx, Gorillas On Drums, F.O.O.L., and ofcourse Wolfgang Gartner.


How about you!?


Tue Jun 19, '12


Knife Party... definitely.  But you know... I've actively switched to either downloading tracks here or buying internetdj member tracks exclusively. Yes, I'll keep up on press releases and new tracks from the promoters, but there are several quality members here that provide either GREAT free tracks or links to buy.

Also, with the InternetDJ iPhone app, I can make playlists and stream tracks in my car. ;-)


Tue Jun 19, '12

The Moon Room

nice thread g! I need to checck our some of those atists you mentioned beause honestly I haven't heard of any of them. Been listening to electric six, front line assembly, trust, and the kills a lot lately.      

Wed Jun 20, '12


Well said good sir Michael. There are tons of good artist on the site indeed. I would be bumpin idj 24 if I had a iphone along with a bit of pandora.


And ima have to check out your artist too Arita, Woulda been nice if you specified what genre they specialized in damit! Lol, jk. I'll find out soon. Definitely tune into that Nu Disco if you havent already thou.

Sun Jun 24, '12

Dj Transaction

i been only listening to indie stuff because stuff on radio sound so commerical man. Commerical is very very good but they dont take risk to do something different.

Fri Jun 29, '12


Amon Tobin is some pretty cool shit, you should check it out!!!

Mon Jul 2, '12


Ive been on a major ATB kick lately. I've been listening to a bunch of his old stuff, too.