Thu Jan 26, '12


I'm in the process of creating a track, and I've come to realize my weakness atm is coming up with a trancey bass. I was wondering if I could get some opinions. I wanna know how you guys produce your trance basses. What types do you use, and be as detailed as you like. You can give a short answer or a book, I'm just looking for any info I can get so I can try some things out myself. 


Fri Jan 27, '12


What kind of trance bass for hardtrance or melow trance or what.

Fri Jan 27, '12


Anything. I'm looking to hear personal opinions from everyone, so whichever style you typically use is what I'd like to hear about, hard or soft. I wanna learn how to make a bunch of different styles of basses. 

Fri Jan 27, '12

Beat Assist

this is stupid but anything you can learn from wich im gonna tell is going the same of other in a way of see things...i believe you are familiar with some bands of psytrance... well..i had relations with somebody that had related to Infected Mushroom and that they have constructed a bass kick from the "PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" of an hospital monotoring machine...all this to say you can construct bass from almost whatever you just need the right tools...wich depends of the type of bass you want....i by myself have built the sub bass on my "semi-dubstep" track from a piano type instrument comming out of a cheap keyboard.....eheheheh


You can check when it makes "duuuuummmmm" ...its just the "right" flute in a very low pitch ;)


Stay In!

Wed Feb 29, '12


its is more how the bass sits in the trance track -

usually for trance it would go a 4x4 sequence

k - b - k - b - k - b -

a compression gain on the bass is also essential - set thresh hold to -14 - compression rate 5:1 with a slow release and long delay - gain set high up to 14db and tweak back wards until clipping stops...

lift the eq frequency around 83hz mark

also a bass side chain of a different tone bass is needed - this will add depth  


Wed Aug 29, '12

Dj Transaction

it all depends man. can be K-Bb-K-Bbb-K-Bb

Sometimes i even make a entire segment where the bass notes mimic the main lead so that each note hits u in the chest. kbkbkb is too standard. The thing i pay attention the most to is if i was to dance to the drum and the bass how would i dance to it. So i would sometimes literally stand in front of the computer using the mouse clicking on the piano roll one note at a time dancing. if i dont like the next dance step i do i gotta remove it. I know my drum and bass in my tracks are sometimes off but this is because i release them here on IDJ premature. But when im very serious making a hit i must focus on this.


Mon Dec 24, '12

Cepheid Variable

Depending on the style of trance or house, the bass would vary. In my tracks I tend to use dominating, rumbling or hard hitting basslines, but often that is juxtaposed by melodic leads that may not "match" the bass or kick, and typically they are offtempo.

Sometimes I'll go the other way and use a bass at a higher octave, but I always have to have a lower bass of some sort in the track to round it out.

High octave electric style overdrive basses sound great in a lot of electronic music, so it's fun to work with or create one of those too.