Tue Sep 6, '11


This is a moderated forum. Please abide by the following rules. The moderators will delete your account if you break them.

DO NOT POST links to your music release, website, product, service, store, etc.  This means no bandcamp, no beatport, no itunes, etc ... (www.bandv2.com links OK!). Purchase a cheap advertisement (internetdj.com/advertise.php) instead.

DO NOT POST event listings. Purchase a cheap advertisement (internetdj.com/advertise.php) instead.

DO NOT POST warez, hacks, cheats discussions/requests.

Thanks for abiding by our rules!


Mon Sep 12, '11


Known issue: Link button in the editor is not working in most browsers. Just post your link in text and it will automake it a link.

Sun Oct 23, '11


hi Michael hehe they do that hey? :)

Sat Nov 19, '11


What about advertising in comments on a thread, instead of a new thread, same thing? and same with the sticky im guessing?

Tue Apr 3, '12

Dj Transaction

$50 is pretty steep for one day ad

Sat Apr 7, '12

Arthur D

wow i'm new hear and i just posted my intro to the site with my soundcloud link and twitter attached. apologies if i was out of line.

Sat Apr 7, '12


No problem. I removed the post.  Upload here and post your link to your InternetDJ profile and we'll review.

Thu Sep 13, '12


sorry, thought I had read these rules before, (obviously not) will post info to our profile


Sun May 5, '13

Roygan Chy

hey everyone :)