Thu Apr 23, '09


Hey guys, made a mixset for Amplified Digital but I thought you guys might want a listen. It's an hour of axis goodness.

You can download the set on Soundcloud too.

mixONE by axisONE

1. Togoshi Magome – Sousei (Asian Dub Triad Special Intro)
2. axisONE – Rainbow Tripping Unicorn Gunfight
3. axisONE – Who Knows
4. axisONE – Water Chamber
5. ID – Cerebrum (Asian Dub Triad Remix)
6. Asian Dub Triad – huhwhut
7. axisONE - Sincerely (Asian Dub Triad Remix)
8. axisONE - Sincerely (Sonaris Remix feat. DJessa)
9. Asian Dub Triad and c-rok – Easy Lover
10. axisONE – We’re What You’ve Been Waiting For
11. axisONE – Sounds and Learning

Hope you like!

Fri Apr 24, '09


you truly are an impressive producer, and not too shabby dj either.

- Saarre

Sat Apr 25, '09


Thanks! I think I'm a better producer than I am a DJ to be honest.

Sat Apr 25, '09


Mon Apr 27, '09

sir EatMe

Downloaded! Thanks for sharing!