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First off i would like to say i am new to the site and the community and how happy it is to be here!

I'll stop griping now and get to the point.....

I have been a bedroom DJ for about 9 years now and i know that i am ready to make the step up to the bar and club scene.
The problem i have had in the past is that i didnt own my own CDJ's and where i live in Liverpool its CD's or nothing at all in the clubs. I have my own turntables and alls i have ever used at home is vinyl.
now recently in many of the bars and clubs i go to vinyl is making a comeback. This made me go home and put together a little warm up playlist and go round the bars the next day asking if i could spin a trial warm up set to prove my metal. As standards go the DJ's in the bars that i go to are not very good and seem out of there depth. Liverpool has some of the best DJ's in the UK but the problem is that there is so few of them.
I just need to know any 'tricks' of the trade or if there are some tips you more experienced DJ's/Producers have?

Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my problem

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ahhh well....

Sun Jun 28, '09


bit of an empty question you left us with there.

tips? as a warm up dj or getting your name out there or performing?

give us a little more info on where you'd like guidance.

Mon Jun 29, '09

sir EatMe

I reckon to put your mobile phone on German and get international.