Mon Dec 1, '08


id like to know how i could make a electro bass for my new track?

some poeple said to me to use the distortion?but i use fruity loop and i cant see any distortion...

any help...

Mon Dec 1, '08


FL should have an FX called Fast Dist. There's also Overdrive. Or you could do some research and find a decent VST to download and use in FL. You'd download the file and probably install it to the VSTPlugins folder. Then, when you go to add an FX to a track, click More. Then tell it to search. The new VST should be added to the list of FX. Double-click it and tweak as necessary.

Wed Dec 3, '08


thx very much blackring.....

Thu Dec 4, '08


Saw -1 Square +1, eq and your ready to go.