A PRAY 4 US ALL (Oriental dance track)

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#1475 | 1,162 | 6.5/10

I deleted this track before because I had one very bad message about this track even though I really did not mean to hurt anybody in any way. I hope that you all understand that! I made this track because I just love arabic music and the arabic culture. I know this is ADHAN and I do know what ADHAN means. It´s a call to pray. The first time I heard the original acapella song on You Tube I just could not stop listening to it. It was so...hypnotizing. I once heard the call to pray right beside a minaret and it was so like......that shivers went down my spine! It was the most beautiful thing I´ve ever heard! I can´t believe someone can sing like that with that kind of a voice! This track is to honour and respect the musical tradition and also the arabic culture! But as I said this track is to spread the wonderful music that the Arabian countries have to offer us! I could never ever sing like this!

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