DEPECHE MODE / FREE LOVE (Mystical East dance remix)

4 yrs, 2 mths

#Eurodance #Finland

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#1587 | 2,098 | 8.7/10

A have had this track for quite a while now and I just remembered this. I tried to keep it low key yet give this some dancebility. Hope you guys feel the same way. I´ve always loved DEPECHE MODE, ever since they released their first single "a few" years ago. Meaning I am not that old or should I say I´m so young (free and single => Calm Cool And Collected) Just ran out of sayings. Feel free to give me critisism, feedback, comments whatever. As long as you listen to this! It´s so hard to get the sounds right. Even if a track sounds cool on your music software it sounds completely different when uploaded on sites. Hope you guys like this!! ENJOY! Yours GENOMIZER

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