QUEEN We Will Rock U 2 VENUS (dance version)

4 yrs, 2 mths

#Eurodance #Finland

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#1512 | 1,215 | 8/10

I know nobody should tamper with QUEEN. Their music is just as good as it gets and should be left alone. But this track, WE WILL ROCK YOU, was just begging for a new touch to to it. And thanks to BONEY.M. I had finally chance to bind these 2 tracks 2gether. I hope you like this version and you are so welcome to give this a final touch if you feel like it! It took me a few years to figure out what to do with this track. I have used: BRIGHTON ROCK, TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN, FLASH and PROPHET´s SONG and of course WE WILL ROCK YOU and NIGHTFLIGHT TO VENUS! Please be honest with me with this track!!

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