adele - hometown monstrosity mash up

4 yrs, 5 mths

#House #South Africa

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DJ Monstrosity is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Having spent his adolescent years involved in the arts his passion for music flourished into a way of life and subsequently a vocation. He was one of the headline DJ's who played on main stage at Durban's Aquafest Beach Festival in June 2012 where he shared a platform with the likes of DJ Mark Stent and DJ fresh for an audience base of over 9 000 people. The opportunity to first test his hand at the art of being a DJ started at the age of fifteen when he received turntables and speakers as a birthday gift. From that day forth, music became his drug and his decks was his dealer. While many other kids where experiencing the vices of the stereotype terrible teens. DJ Monstrosity spent countless hours mixing and playing music. With his no drugs no alcohol lifestyle he keeps his goals of one day going international always in mind never to be sidetracked by anything. You can surely expect great things from this DJ. His debut playing at club level came in February 2012 when he entered in young DJ competition and won. He had since played at Durban’s finest and most popular clubs In addition to that he has shared a platform with many renowned names in the industry like *DJ Mark stent *DJ dino bravo *DJ JAZZY D *DJ Kent *DJ euphonik *crazy white boy *DJ dean fuel *DJ roger Goode *DJ ameeth shah *and countless other well know djs DJ Monstrosity has a reverb nation and Mediafire account which allows fans to download his mixes and keep in touch with the needs of the partying community.

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