And As Soon As I Ejaculated I Knew That I Had Made A Mistake

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Go to to follow the story, download the album and have your say on the next EP! About: This song was by far the hardest to write out of the first installment, you have no idea. I rebuilt it so many times and all too often found myself ruining it, with at least 4 different versions existing. But eventually I settled on this one, and even though I will never claim it to be my best, I do find myself craving it much more than any of the other tracks. Possibly because lyrically, it has got to be one of the most intense things I have ever done. My original aim was just to get a Timbaland style production sound, and even if I failed at it, that was my main original inspiration. The bassline itself reminds me of Air's Sexy Boy, which was totally unintentional and far from it, but I did not try to avoid it. Some of the percussion was based on some Janelle Monae song I can't really remember, and (much like the entire album) I think the influence of Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP shines strongest on this track. Oh, and finally I put the Dubstep drop in there just as a laugh at my friends, this was not based on KoRn! I actually mixed metal and Dubstep long before they ever did! As for the video, it's probably the roughest. Some of those drawings are so shit I can only assume I was drunk when I did them, and the lyrics are so quick that it is difficult to keep up with them. Sorry about that, but fuck you is what I really mean.

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