Here's One For The Pinelanders

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#1692 | 707 | 8.5/10

Go to to follow the story, download the album and have your say on the next EP! About: And this is pretty much where the fun and games end. No more Mr. Nice Guy. The majority of this track was actually finished near the end of 2008, being only the second song I had ever written using Cubase. The lyrics have changed drastically over that time, but the darkness stayed put, and for that reason this is the first song on the EP which should stir some trouble. And not just because of my terrible singing. A lot of this track (the drum patterns in particular) were based on Aphex Twin. I was also listening to a fuckload of Massive Attack's Mezzanine during this period, which I think is apparent. Further more, it is important to point out that I completely stole the line "Jesus Was A Fucking Liar" from the song The Zimbabwean Sea Shanties Of The Swashbuckler by Mod Flanders Conspiracy. Sorry! Was too beautifully offensive not to use. Regardless, it only gets dirtier from here, and I dread it. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, Pinelands is where I spent the majority of my teenage youth. So, you know, hey guys.

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