Transference (Re-edit)

4 yrs, 9 mths

#Trance #United States

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#1750 | 2,738 | 9.2/10

Transference - so far my most popular song - has been revisited yet again. This time around, I've changed the lead (again), added in gated effects to give the melody more movement in the mix. It's subtle, but it's there. Changed synthesizers for the Melody and Pads from Nexus to Sylenth1. I think you can tell :) Also, tried again to fix the volume problem, and work on my mastering skills. So if you listen, please be critical of the sound stage and mastering...Mastering is such a bitch it's hard to get just right. Overall I'm pretty happy with the track. If anyone has suggestions on how to make it better, I'm all ears! Thanks for all the love and much love back at ya!

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