Little Soldier (Hardbass Remix)

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Cecile Corbel's - Little Soldier (Hardbass Remix). Created after hearing her latest album, and had the urge to create a remix from it. Thats when I started to look around what kinda song I wanted to remix, since her whole album existed of awesome songs, so I choose for this song, it had a march-like rythm that I liked. Created still in my beloved MadTracker 2, I've started working out patterns and ideas how to do some stuff, including testing a new glitcher app that I found somewhere :) After tweaking today ones more again, I noticed a after-bass from the kick, and noticed it was because of a reverb I applied, removed it, re-done the channels to blend in with the source song and did here and there some tweaking, and now I am happy to say Im close to a release, and perhaps this one might get released :) I would appreciate some feedback for future ideas :)

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