Monday Fantasy mixed by Ludvik

12 yrs, 7 mths

#Downtempo #Portugal

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N/A | 2,398 | 9.1/10

It is based on some riffs made with my guitar Gibson Les Paul Custom and GT3 Guitar effects processor. The Mixing was done by my cousin nicknamed Ludvik with reason 2.5. And although I guess it could use some more samples of guitar (I've been lazy), I think Ludvik did a good remix (nice melodies introduced). It's a melodic low tempo tune, hope you like it. (I told Ludvik to register at internetdj, I guess is lazy too, hope to see him soon here because I think he has talent). Another thing, I made the loops available to download as some of you already know. If you want them contact me. Edit: encoding quality improved, bass improved (tone higher), flute (that appears about 2:30) is a little louder.

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