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N/A | 2,798 | 9.8/10

Progressive / Melodic Trance - I used quite a bit of samples, dropped down to 132 bpm. Has a long intro, build up, switches bass. The pad and lead are dual layered, providing what I think is a pretty awesome sound. Please rate, comment and tell me what you think. ** Edit to add ** - I changed the gated pad effect for the Main reprise because it kept doing this wavy / pulsing sound effect that was throwing it off for me. So I removed that, added a better snare roll to the beginning of the Main reprise, and some other minor tweaks. I also changed the Main Lead synth, because the virus plucks just weren't cooperating with the rest of the soundstage. I like this one better anyway :) Listen, rate and comment please. Also, I haven't been reviewing other artists, so I'd like to throw an apology out there and let you know I will be reviewing your guys' tracks as well.

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