ten crack commandments remix

5 yrs, 1 mth

#Drum n Bass #Canada

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#1877 | 3,182 | 9.4/10

hard to classify this, i guess its drum step... but it could be hip hop, or maybe even indie rock? but mainly its about dealing crack. to all my homeboys and girls in edmonton, alberta and reno, nevada. you know who you are. ..... response to reviews: i put the acapella more centered, i know it sounds more hip hoppy than drum and bass, and it could be electro rock, but i runs at a tempo of 176 and has very quick hi hat movement. i dont know what to classify it as, i just made the track. in a lot of ways it is dnb, and it will mix well in those sets. to watch a funny documentary on DonDon5000 go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liWiGoDs8ko

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