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ďOctoberĒ is a classical piece written by renowned composer Eric Whitacre that I used to play in high school honor bands. On a whim, I sent Eric a Facebook message asking for permission to create a cover or a remix. He got back to me the same day, said he checked out my music and loved it, and to proceed! This is the result. The style is progressive house, with some inspiration taken from Deadmau5.

This is what Eric had to say about his composition: "October is my favorite month. Something about the crisp autumn air and the subtle change in light always makes me a little sentimental, and as I started to sketch I felt that same quiet beauty in the writing. The simple, pastoral melodies and subsequent harmonies are inspired by the great English Romantics (Vaughn Williams, Elgar) as I felt that this style was also perfectly suited to capture the natural and pastoral soul of the season. Iím quite happy with the end result, especially because I feel there just isnít enough lush, beautiful music written for winds."

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This composition contains elements from "October" written by Eric Whitacre and published by Chester Music Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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