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#2090 | 1,646 | 9.5/10

independent music awards INDIE AWARDS Winner - Attila Jelinek nominee for Cultural Mall NEW YORK BEST MUSIC IN JUNI 2008 United States of America Contact publisher via email Art & Entertainment: Music September 7, 2009 Saturday March 8, 2008 The spirit and success of independent music is stronger and louder than ever. Hundreds of artists, who don't fit in with the ever-narrowing radio formats, are none-the-less bre 2011 CMAA Golden Guitar winners Jan 23, 2011 Updated Feb 14, 2011 Best Instrumental: 'Dixie Breakdown' - Attila Jelinek May 23, 2011 Music news in Manhattan,New York, United States of America 1 ABC Country Home > Features > 2011 CMAA Golden Guitar winners 2011 CMAA Golden Guitar winners Get Features Feed

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