None Are Left Behind

5 yrs, 9 mths

#Trance #United States

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Ah, yes. This one. One of my favorites if I do say. I remember what my mentor told me when I had trouble making this, he said: "Just let the beat flow naturally, music is in your soul. Look around you, the sky, the earth, the living things. They all have rhythms and melodies, all working to create the perfect harmony. There is no limit to how loud your part can play. Music can be both life-giving and destructful, like a lava. It sweeps over everything, it destroys. But what's left after? Ground so fertile that anything can grow. So let your music destroy, let it build-up. Play for yourself and only yourself. That's what will make YOU happy. That's what will make you a true musician." God I love that guy. Anyways; enjoy, my friends!

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