Generations - Psy Conversion Remix

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#2866 | 2,397 | 9.3/10

2010-10-31 is a special date for me! It is the date of my first official release ever! I remixed a band from Ontario called SoundGazer and I thanks them a lot for adding my remix on their new album Inner Speech. This is a great honor for me and I'm very happy to share the track with you all for free! I hope you will like it, I did this a couple of months ago already. If you are interested in knowing SoundGazer you can go on their website where you'll find all the information about the new album and where to buy it : If you want to buy the album I want to tell you something before. You buy it for SoundGazer. I'm not making any money out of this and it's okay that way. I don't want people to pay for my music and even in the future I'm pretty sure I will always share it for free. So there we are, October, the "birthmonth" of PsyC... after 4 years of music, the first official, physical, release!!

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