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#2727 | 380 | 9/10

This was the third single taken from my debut album Ambients. It's probably one of the deeper pieces on the album and is very heavily inspired by bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Mortiis as well the soundtrack work of Akira Yamaoka on the Silent Hill series. The production on the cellos was always a nightmare as I wanted to have them as low as possible but whatever we did kept either clipping, distorting or ruining speakers, so even though it still may have faults, the cellos you hear here are the best we could manage to produce. Essentially the emotion behind this track is pure emptiness, the realisation that you're just a number, your dreams are dead and you're discovering that you have limits as a person when, growing up, you were made to believe that you could do anything. Has that time passed? Were you fooled? It's a sorrowful song to get people through sorrowful times, a sympathetic sound that I hope tells people that there are others who have been there and felt that low.

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