AMT (dl-alpha-methyltryptamine) [2002]

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This song was made in 2002, about 18 months before AMT was classified as a Schedule I controlled drug in the United States. Prior to that, sales of AMT were essentially unregulated with the exception of "counterfeit" drug statutes like the Analog Act, which would have prevented the sale of AMT for human consumption. Still, there was a large "research chemical" market that sold AMT "not for human consumption". As a kid, I always wanted to drink the colorful things under the sink, so as an adult, getting to try AMT (repeatedly) was a beautiful thing while it lasted. This song was from the time period where I was openly and frequently experimenting with AMT. I was listening to a lot of Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Chemical Brothers, etc. at the time. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past as I continue to archive my old material on IDJ.

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