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#2732 | 550 | 9.5/10

Q*Ball, a project led by RETURN TO EARTH frontman Ron Scalzo features the talents of Guns N' Roses' Bumblefoot. Inspired by newer bands like LCD Soundsystem and veteran acts like Beck and Nine Inch Nails, who use a bevy of studio musicians, friends, and producers to hone both their recorded and live sounds, Scalzo sent an email out to a dozen friends whose music he admired or who he'd worked with before to recruit them for The Q*Ball Collaboration Project. In March of 2010, I conspired to break the chains of the traditional philosophy of writing, recording, and releasing an album." Scalzo will release a new song every month, starting with The Hum. "Each song will be written by myself and one or two other people, fleshed out together, tracked, and then brought to Bumblefoot to be mixed and sautéed before being served to the masses. The days of putting an album out every three years are over for acts much bigger than Q*Ball, so keeping things fresh has become a no-brainer." Q*Ball has released three albums thru Scalzo's independent label, Bald Freak Music. Read the rest of the story, check out the lyrics, listen to and purchase the single The Hum at the official Q*Ball site & at CD Baby. Credits: Q*Ball - vocals, keyboards, handclaps Bodega Brad - loops Bumblefoot - guitars, handclaps, hey hey heys

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