Father Please (Original mix)

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N/A | 7,196 | 9.6/10

This is a song for all the suffering people in Africa. Its for all the families with bread-winners who themselves need bread. Its a song that I created to address the sorrow that my beautiful continent faces everyday. The created were done by a special lady. Zolani from Freshlyground. This song is for all the families who have been victims to apartheid, fathers having to leave the homeland and go work in the city far far away and having to leave their wives and children behind. Please listen to the message behind this track. Making it perfect was the hardest thing about it because of the emotions withing Zolani's vocals. This whole track is an original South African composition, from the vocals to the arps and drum work. I made the whole thing myself because the vocals just touched a chord within me and I knew that I could make a great track that spoke to the people. This track is available for download because I want the message to spread, I want to make people aware that this happens and has happened.

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