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N/A | 1,461 | 8/10

An original track whose vocals I got from Cleo, here in South Africa. I dont want to make this track too sophisticated by adding pads, synths, drums.. etc, I just want a NICE SIMPLE GOOD TO LISTEN To track. A Chilled one, no hard electro to give me a heart attack. This is the second track on my P.O.P.P (Parties on Planet Phonica) album. Please stream, enjoy and most importantely review. I really enjoyed making this track because it is very different when compared to the electro and club tracks that I usually make. This track is closer to home because I like the original house feeling it produces. I love the vocals I used and I must pass credit to Cleo. The vocals make the track. I really must say that this is the track I enjoyed doing the most. I have placed compressors on my drum machines and a multiband compressor on the entire track. I have also added panaramic isolators and stereo conveyors and made use of many wonderful VSTi I found on the world wide web. -I've been given an offer to record a music video for this track by a varsity student group!!! Yes please. PPB says the mastering is good on this one:)I like the tempo of this track, if you close your eyes, im sure you'll agree with me when I say..." This is Good music"...

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