Psy Conversion - Comiendo Hierro

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#3128 | 1,239 | 7/10

This is not a serious track. Not my best mix and melody by far. It is a very simple track. I did this just for fun. Just to see what would give "Psy Conversion-sound" + Rock/Metal... It is a two days project (90% of the track was done in the first day ^^).... Hope you'll like as always, but if you don't, it's ok, it's not a serious track at all hehe. There a couple of other release coming soon, by releasing nothing since March 2009, I worked on many projects at the same time... Next release is really soon and will be the new "Nass Project", so in other words, it will be FULL ON PSY hehehe :P.... thanks for listening. Samuel

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