The Aftertoucher - Summer 2009 (Finished Version)

7 yrs, 4 mths

#House #Netherlands

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N/A | 1,263 | 9/10

A couple of weeks ago I was working on 'just' a track. The Dance Parade in Rotterdam was comming so I had some kind of summerfeeling in my head... that explains the title. There was also some kind of demo contest on the famoust radio station in the Netherlands (Radio 538) so i thought I might give it a go and uploaded my song to their website. After a few hours I got several good reactions. A couple of days later my sister knocks on the door, she told me there was "some kind of guy from the radio on the phone" (she was scared as hell cause she thought she was allready live on the radio). But after a little chit chat they told me I was selected to represent my own demo on the radio and they would call me back in the evening between 19.00 and 21.00. I was realy nervous cause it was a contest between my track and the track of an another contestent. About 20.30 the telephone rings.. I told what I had to.. And so did the other contestent.. Votes where made by phone/sms.. After a half hour they called me back, the guy on the radio read several reactions sent by sms, which is realy exciting. The other contestent had more votes than I, so I lost.. What a shame.. But it dind't mind me cause only the part of being on the radio with my selfmade track made me feel allready fucking fantastic gehehe!!! Enoug talking hope you like my fresh new made track!!! :D :D :D Thx, bye bye!

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