The Roar Of Silence (Silent Mix)

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#3476 | 774 | 8.7/10

Earlier in the same afternoon of the creation of The Roar Of Silence, I decided to attempt a little experiment. If one was to use a simple drag and drop style (cell based) music production tool preloaded with hundreds of royalty free samples, would it be possible to create music that was tolerable without having ever heard the first tiny bit of noise? Well, since I had not used Rave Ejay in nearly 10 years I wiped the dust off the disc, installed it on my pc, and turned off my speakers entirely. A little while later Upon Deaf Ears was born... Fast forward an hour or so later to this mix.... Having been halfway impressed with at least the middle part of my experimental track, I decided to play around again. This time I wanted to make another track that was even longer, more complex, and once again produced without hearing the first speck of noise. My speakers were turned off once again. Then, to increase the stakes, I decided that not only should the track be significantly longer (this one clocking in at over 7 minutes) but I would also produce it as quickly as possible while still loading it with various extra samples and changes to the main flow of the music. The result was created in around 30 minutes of time... roughly the same time it takes for a competent pizza delivery service to go from phone call to front door delivery... and I mean a GOOD, RELIABLE pizza delivery service... Anyways, then I decided to take it one step further... why not refuse to give the track a listen altogether for now... saving it for the ears of the internet community first. As such, here's what you have before you... The Roar Of Silence (Silent Mix)... called silent mix quite simply because I have yet to hear the very first second of it with my own ears. I am the producer of it, creating it by taking bunches of royalty free samples and assembling them together in a very old basic program. I refuse to give my own track a listen until it has at least one other review from another person... good or bad. I suspect very, very bad at this point but I might be surprised. That's right folks, you hear it first! Even before the very persont that threw the track together hears it... (Note: Why am I doing this sort of thing? I don't know, I'm in an odd mood today. Maybe that recently purchased bust of medusa that I have sitting next to my monitor may have something to do with it...)

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