Upon Deaf Ears (Original Mix)

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Artist's Note: The concept behind this track is potentially controversial. Basically I wanted to see if a person could use a basic drag and drop style program such as Ebay to produce a full length track without ever actually listening to the slightest part of it. Here's how it went down... I happened to come across an old copy of Rave Ejay (Techno Ejay 1 in Europe I think) while rummaging about in my out building. I had been thinking about such a project for awhile and devious grin came over my face. This program, with its simplistic ease of use, was the perfect thing to try such an experiment with. So, having a few free hours, I uploaded Rave Ejay to my pc, cut the speakers completely off, started with a clean slate, and started dragging and dropping. Granted, I could tell what samples were beats, bass lines, sequences, spheres, etc. by their category, and was able to see the work in progress to build the track, but I did not allow myself to listen any bit of it until the track had been finalized and converted into a wav. The results sort of shocked me. Granted, the mastery is awful and there is a bad entry point that is mostly nothing but a simple beat, but once I got part of the way into the track, I was quite surprised. Please, feel free to review this with all dire honesty. Be as harsh as you feel you need to be... it is an experiment and merely that. However, I'm half way tempted to do an audible clean up mix as well as a deaf secondary mix (tailoring in more samples but without actually hearing what I am doing at the time) just to see what the results are. I'm also tempted to do another "deaf track" such as this one just to see what else I can make without actually hearing it. Finally, yes, I know this would never work with a serious composition requiring considerable effort. FL Studio would not be a good choice... but that's why I chose an old Ejay program for the task. Be honest, enjoy! (final final note- Why did I think about doing this in the first place? Its a horrible idea really... what if a person decided to write a piece of software that would pull random selections of drums, bass, loops, sequences, spheres, fx, etc. and make random full length (using a few dozen or more layout templates) electronic music templates at a mere click of a button....) Just a scary thought I had....

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