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#3514 | 1,113 | 8.5/10

Designated to have been the first track on the never created/released Rare Signals album, Empty Planet was a romp into the experiments of adding 70's spacy/prog rock influence with a mish mash of techno samples, original creations, and general noise. As with Face On Mars, I was inspired also by my weird tastes when it comes to science fiction- rather than the typical federation search/space opera type stuff, I like the envisionment of cold, dead, mysterious planets full of long forgotten artifacts... not so much the high technology stuff, but rather the low-tech statues of mystery and all... which is what I loved about the whole Face On Mars deal (you might want to snag that track as well).... the possibility of the ruins of an ancient civilization, probably a bit like the Roman empire in some aspects... gone.

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