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#Goa/Psytrance #Canada

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#3328 | 5,659 | 9.6/10

I've started this project some month ago almost at the same time as BadTrip, still good old virus sounds in it =P. And i messed up with mastering doesn't sound really good. Still got some good synth and all but yah mastering sux imo. So review if you want, i will probably review back but if you're really expecting it then maybe you should ask yourself some moral question about why are you on this site or am i not doing short review because i only want something back, and this something i particular is it really meaning it advancing your own person to another state? Well... Nevermind =P i am just writing things to have a lot of text in my song description, yeah thats right. You'll probably wont read it because its too long or because u just want to have a reviews back don't you. I am curious, if you've read this sentence just put those letter at the end of the reviews "asdf" and we will see who really spend time to take a look at what i am saying. Seeya later.

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