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"We are carnivores. Of the worst kind to be exact. Every single living organism in this beautiful planet lives in harmony with its environment. Every single one of them but one... Us. Every form of life has been assigned with the mission of reproduction and evolution through adjustments to its host environment. And the key to evolution is balance. Everything has been calculated by nature millions of years before so that everything is in total harmony,in absolute balance. There is as much death as there is birth! A weak bird struggles to keep up with its fellow travellers and a cat finds food to breed its babies. The cat dies after a long and happy (???) life and offers food to thousands of insects that live in soil,which will feed other,smaller organisms after their death. Everything has a purpose. Everything but us. We are the only specie that kills,harvests,exploits and in fact utterly destroys huge amounts of resources above the amount it actually needs. Have you ever seen lions killing more than they can eat??? We pollute the air,we pollute the soil,we pollute the biggest gift our Earth has ever given to us,the primary ingredient of our body by 75%. We pollute our precious water. We were not supposed to be on the top of the food-chain but that's exactly where we are. Because we are carnivores. Of the worst kind..." ....................... Psychedelic Trance track @ 140bpm. Many thanx to Chris Fradley aka DeFusionUK for the mastering. Peace and Love to all of you!

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