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#3651 | 922 | 9.5/10

After producing (visual+audio) a 80 series documentary TV programs for the Chinese Museum last year, I have decided to release some of the music before the series is launched. That is how "East-perience" album begins. "All About Tibet" is one of my proudest compositions because the female vocal and Lhama chanting were recorded live in Tibetan regions; they made me "HIGH", in fact 3800 - 4200 meters above sea level. One of my hard disks failed due to the high altitude, so the field recordings were made by MD. Funny fact, the recording studio is called wild nature and I don't know how to get there again! You can buy the 320kbps on internetDJ. Enjoy. ~Peter Lai...visit to see details and images about How This Song was Made.

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