Six Spins (Version 3)

7 yrs, 11 mths

#Trance #United States

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#3756 | 2,692 | 9.1/10

Ver 3: added a simple low arpeggiated synth as a continuous low bass sound. The low bass harmonically shadows the upper bassline melody, but with less notes. Spiced it up by automating events in the synth modulator. Also made a fuller orchestra by adding deep cello like sounds. By doing that I was able to elongate the use of orchestral melody and also fill empty space with quality sound. Finally, added several random fx, changed the notes and velocities in a few patterns, and faded the outro to finish it off. I avoided adding reverb or delay to any percussion as a matter of personal preference and simply used the extra fx to fill any space. Probably my last major change. Thanks everyone for all the feedback. Ver 2: Cleared up a lot of issues from version one. Bassline is clearer, note lengths and harmonies fixed, and percussion is more balanced. Ver 1: I think you guys will like this one. Been working on it for quite some time. Made it specially for IDJ. I experimented a lot with bass line, and it turns out I like the raw sound of this sytrus sound, though I do automate x-y a bit throughout.

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