Power of Music (Hardstyle Euforia 2009 Anthem)

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#3890 | 3,072 | 8/10

This is the Anthem track I where requested to do for a local Hardstyle Event I will be playing at 24. January. The event is called "Hardstyle Euforia 2009" (www.bergenhardstyle.no) Worked about 3-4 weeks for this, had very much trying and failing before I had this mix finished. Im very happy with a lot of the elements, like the very hard kick at the takeoff part. That kick (and all the other kicks and screeches and such) where all made by myself with VST synths, noe samples or presets for thoose. Well, anyway, please tell my your oppinion, because your response is what matters the most for me. //X-Fade

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