Invasion - TranceInterface 12' Mix

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#3846 | 2,038 | 9.4/10

This started out as a rmx pack I was scrambling together for the Secret Santa Rmx, since that didn't go ahead I decided to finish the track myself. I've tried to make it as complete as possible with an easy to mix in/out 12" feel. It's got a tough driving bassline with lots of techy efx's and the darker side of trancey melos. Enjoy. This is now the edited version (upon excellent advice) with sidechaining, I used this with extreme caution in the end as that pumping feel you can get from sidechaining killed some of the vigour of the bass. I think it made the kick a little more pronounced but still lost a wee bit of the trembling bassline. I didn't sidechain anything else as most of the other notes are eq'd miles away and are short and stabby apart from the break/pads.

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