Saliva Commandos: No Stopping (Terald Riggins Rigged Up Remix)

8 yrs, 1 mth

#House #United States

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#3917 | 3,031 | 8.8/10

First of all, I am happy to say this is my full re-work of my "No Stopping" Project I did way back in January. Much thanks to Sonaris for showing me the 1st version really had good potential. This is also my very 1st track using NO PRESET SOUNDS at all. I programmed everything myself from scratch using Pro-53's Empty Templates, and ran them through a combination of Ableton FX + Waves FX. This is also my 1st track since I've been reading "Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming" and A couple of weeks ago I started reading "The Art Of Mixing" Therefore I applied everything I learned in those books in this particular track. Also new to my techniques, I used my very first Sidechain...which was applied to the shakers,pads,and one of the basslines. And my last recent technique I learned how to apply was Automatic Envelope Filtering. [Or a High Pass Filter Envelope in this particular case]. Now how much have I improved, well I personally feel like I learned alot since reading on my own time. And also I'm proud of how this track came out. I owe much thanks to C-Rok who explains to me specifically how to do certain techniques as well. And Tiburon for checking out my Version 0.5mix. Finally, I'd like to dedicate my dirty bassline to EJ Lirik, my he rest in peace where ever he is!!! Hopefully you guys will enjoy this and Im really looking forward to bringing something better on my next project. NOTE: Any and all feedback is always welcome, which will help me for the next project. But this track is the only and final version

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