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#4012 | 3,751 | 9.3/10

---Version 3. Some final mastering. Changed the clap sample, seems it had some unwanted reverb. Tightened the kick, made everything louder. This should be the last version. New input is always welcome.--- ---Version 2. I'm not sure it's progressive, but there's no dark house genre, so prog will do. Added some vocals (read the lyrics if you can't understand), a few more FX (Invension's advice), cut off most of the reverb at the beginning (Phoakis' tip) and added a snare in the middle (what say you Tiburon?). Also, because Tiburon suggested the clap/snap was getting boring, I played with them a bit, along with the hihats and just so there isn't any boredom left, turn up your woofer and listen to the kick, tell me what you think--- Jody went to bed late, after watching some horror movie and this is what happened. Picture courtesy of a close friend.(I was aiming for house, started going on trance, but really wanted house. I made this, but now I have the beginning of a trance, so stay tuned for a trance version.)

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