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#4031 | 5,189 | 9.3/10

This is my Break Em OFF Redux and first crack at a Deep House track. No loops, just one shot samples. I'm thinking I want a jazzy type of Phoakis track. Ver 1.0 added a main airy pad and the girl moaning. This changed this dramatically. Ver 1.5 I extended out the song, added another bridge with a progressive build and a climax. V2.0 I am on roll with this. Per Phoakis suggestions I changed all the dry sounds, added reverb and put a low pass filter on the snare, hats, and kick. Per C-Rok and Erwin I toned down the clap. C-Rok also suggested that I use a snare on my kick every other beat and I changed that. Tsia recommended a bassline, i'm not a fan and might take it out, but it's in for this iteration. At second listen, the bassline is OUT the second I get home from work tonight! Per myself i've put in a Grand Piano similar to Eric Prydz Pjano just because I like the sound. v2.5 per Phoakis' first suggestion I put in more percs. I varied the Piano in different keys in different areas just for effect and variety. The bassline is gone. v2.75 Cut it down, took out the fluff and removed the off key piano. v3.0 BASSLINE! I had to use a loop from Logic. I worked all morning on a bassline trying to match the song and i'm just struggling. I added more pad variation and added a little length to the song. This might just be might last iteration. Version 4.0 I rearranged the song and included a new piano part. This song was too slow, but i've improved it significantly. Ver 4.5 I promise to make the last iteration my last one. For now i've put a rearrange on my song and it has brought the sounds out a lot more. I went over some of my mastering issues and creating a build in my first bridge. I also introduce my second chorded piano after a build. 5.0 will be the final with Sonaris mastering addressed.

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