XTC [feat. Laurie Webb]

8 yrs, 4 mths

#House #United States

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#4128 | 2,625 | 9/10

Well this is the final upload on this one. The sole purpose is trying to learn the basics of house music, before I actually make a claim to my own style, which would combine Trance and Electro House. But I have to learn to walk before I run, and this is were I go back to square one and take my 1st baby step. So everything is in this song, the "qualifying" synths, the vocals,and dynamics adjustments. Personally it feels a little dry but maybe that can just be me going deaf, then I remind myself that I'm learning all over again. The biggest personal disappointmet, I didnt chop the vocals the way I wanted. I had some seperate files with chopping via Kontakt, but it sounded horrible in this particular project. So I decided to put those away until I'm a bit better at that. Also this is where I officially put FL Studio aside and move on. This is where I uninstall the 20+ synths taking up my hard drive space and go down to 5. This is where I actually created some, and tweaked my own vsti's. That being said, lets go make some noise together!! [New set: NI Synths, Waves Plugins, Izotope Ozone all via Ableton Live]. Much thanks to Tiburon [Jaws 7], C-Reezy, E-Jay, and S-18 on feedback from the 2nd upload. Hopefully this one sounds better.

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