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#4142 | 5,811 | 9/10

V1.0, This is a solid start to an electro track. I went for a toned down Crystal Method type of approach. First project in Logic and you can tell the difference. Please give me feedback so I can get this thing rolling. V2.0, The song has doubled in length. I've inserted a bridge with more FX. I used the EQ to boost my kick, snare and cymbal while sticking with the same drum loop because PPB, Big Ant, WithOutAnE, 292 and Oliviera wanted more. On the kick I added reverb and compressed it as Leon-on suggested. A longer intro with percs added to the sirens, per C-roks suggestion. At the 2min mark I got a lot more dirty and electro just like Erwin Oliviera wanted. V2.5 Mastering and technical changes were made to this version. Instead of new elements I just fixed what was there and it's significantly improved the flow of the song. Shan and Jony wanted more boost of the hi's on the hats = done. Axis, T-Riggins and C-rok noticed the technical flaw in the 2:30 mark = fixed. The bass was compressed again and boosted it about 2db. This is the final version of the song and i'm going to my next project so feel free to give me a final review guys, THANKS!

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