Party Exclusive By PiperRoX (Finished)

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#4163 | 4,624 | 9.8/10

Just added a more djfriendly intro, and tried to clear it up abit so the sound is a little bit more transparent. Although i don't know how it's worked out. Mastering tracks is not at all my forte. I'm 17 and have years to learn so i shall not dwell on it : P I'm better at the creative side of things. Thanx for the advice ProgrammK : ) Thanx for your comments on the last version of this song i posted. To c-rok, no voice is not mine lol. I could only pray for such a sexy voice. To The Tiburon, i LOVE the up and down bleeping sound; gives it that playful demeanor. lol. Thanks for the compliment on my bassline. Axsisone: Thank you! Please don't attack any kids. i don't want to see you on the news lol. i would send it to Pete Tongs Fast trax if i knew how to go about it. Thanx guys! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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