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#Downtempo #Greece

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N/A | 2,381 | 9.5/10

There are certain moments of your past that you'd prefer to forget. Mistakes that will haunt you forever and nothing or anyone could ever fix. Behaviours that definately don't reflect who you are but still are true. So true that days become longer and you think that nights are there only to punish you. That nights were made only for those who have a price to pay, lying on their beds with their cold skin excreting seas of sweat. And especially for you! Yes,for you...! With your soul restless and your body unable to stay still as thoughts penetrate your mind and shock you with zillions of Volts, the only answer to "why" is "because you are a fuckin' idiot". You can't control your mind, don't be silly! You can't control your thoughts! They're faster and smarter than you think! And they're cruel... Flashbacks over and over and constant pain. But that's never enough,is it? If there is Hell then this must be it! But only if you have a conscience...

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