Alexander Kostruba feat. Esthetic Education - Machine (Radio Edit)

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#4264 | 1,936 | 9.5/10

Experience the latest project from a really really big family of UA musicians – a dance minded rework of original track by the brightest (yes, they are) Ukrainian indie rock band – Esthetic Education. It’s titled “Machine” and is produced by another outstanding UA artist – Alexander Kostruba. Featuring stylish rock vocals, rolled into progressive house slices, Alexander presents multilayered sound (with progressive, tech or even nu_rave elements, but not trends), packed and stamped by Really Really Big Records. Sounds surreal? – Yes it is, as well as extremely energetic. Moreover, as it supposed to, the dub edit shows a bit harder attitude, logically completing the single. See it again in forthcoming Alexander’s album “Offline”. Viva l’expйrimentation! Very special project for us, so I would be really glad to hear comments=) *at beatport wxclusively since 06.01.08

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