Living Pure 2003 Featuring Marie Power.

13 yrs, 3 mths

#House #United States

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N/A | 7,598 | 9.1/10

After finishing Blue Flare I felt confident to finish a couple more of my older tracks. This one was started in the summer of 2000. I was living in this tiny little apartment in Ranelagh Dublin, I didn't work the entire summer, instead I just partied all night long, spent the days chillin with my mates, went to Sweden for a while and wrote a shit load of music. It was the best days of my life. The vocals for Living Pure were recorded in my mate Brady's gaff, Brady and Derv held up Duvets for insulation while Marie Power sang her heart out into the mike. We spent about four hours recording various vocals that day and those involved did it all for nothing except Marie who requested a Mc Flurry. Rock and Roll. Anyway I would like to dedicate this track to everyone who made that summer so fucking great. To the Dublin Posse: Brady, Dervo, Ross, Cosgrove, Dave, Trev, Paddy. To the Malmo posse: Per, Erik, Loban, Mia, Jens and all the others I've forgotten. Thanks guys!

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